Manufacturing & Production Consulting ...making it all work © 2011 Fandrich Piano Company, Inc. Manufacturing consulting Since 1990 we have been consulting with piano manufacturers, helping to find ways to lower their manufacturing costs, improve the quality and performance of their existing piano models and developing new piano designs. This work includes: Product planning & development Piano design evaluation Action assembly, installation & regulation Hammer making & voicing Wood processing & moisture controls Materials evaluation, selection & specification Integrating early design with modern manufacturing technologies Most pianos being produced today trace their design history back to the early 20th century. Times have changed-- materials are no longer the same, production techniques have changed; even the country of manufacture has changed. Operations once performed by skilled, long-term craftsmen are now accomplished by automated machines operated by workers having no background in pianobuilding. This new business model demands expert integration of new design and manufacturing technologies into traditional rim and skeleton assemblies. References Due to the confidential nature of much of this work some clients will choose to go unnamed. Others, such as Young Chang, take advantage of its association with Fandrich Piano Company and publicize our involvement in the design and development of their pianos. During 2008 and 2009 Fandrich submitted new designs for the entire Young Chang product line.