Redesigning the existing piano Piano design optimization--bringing together all of the many elements of piano design String scale development Soundboard and rib optimizing & matching Hammer selection Action & key geometry New Design New pianos to fit a market niche New designs to improve performance New designs to set your company apart New designs to give your company a competitive edge Some of our projects Walter 175 and 190 grands Fandrich 122 Vertical Young Chang/Weber (new product line) Piano design is more than just making the drawings... Developing entirely new piano designs--both grand and vertical--involves more than just drafting the scale. It involves every step from dream and conception through developing the tools and machines required to build the finished product. It may even require training the workers in how to derive the most performance out of the new instruments. With our extensive background in research and development, product planning, piano assembly and production systems, along with prototyping and building new piano models, we can provide assistance at every step of the process from concept to final production. Contact us to find out what we can do for your company Piano Design ...Piano Design for the 21st Century © 2011 Fandrich Piano Company, Inc.