Rebuilding & Remanufacturing ... © 2011 Fandrich Piano Company, Inc. Rebuilding vs. remanufacturing We pioneered the concept of “Value-Added” remanufacturing. As we learned more about piano design we applied these basic principles to the rebuilding work we were doing, enhancing the performance beyond the limits of their original construction. The differences between standard rebuilding and Value-Added Remanufacturing can be dramatic. We are no longer restricted by the design mistakes of the past; we can improve the piano in many ways including the articulation and clarity of the bass section, the timbral blend across the bass/tenor transition, and the tone character and balance throughout the tenor and treble sections of the piano. Design problems such as the “killer octave” and uneven transitions are things of the past. Voice and balance The voice of the modern piano has become louder and harder over the past half-century. If this sound is pleasing to your ear you can find any number of modern pianos that will satisfy. If it is not, your options are more limited. Our remanufacturing process blends our knowledge of modern piano design with the beautiful craftsmanship of an earlier age. The result is a piano with a voice tailored specifically to your desires. The importance of brand We have been conditioned to believe only certain well-known (and expensive) pianos can be rebuilt to give great performance. This might have been partially true in the past but it is no longer true today. We can now start with almost any competently-built early piano and achieve performance that is better than the original. If your family piano does not have one of the great names of the past on its keycover, don’t give up hope; we can rebuild it to outperform many of today’s best known pianos. You won’t know just what can be done with your old piano until you call and discuss its potential.